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2006 New York City[]

Since the 1970s lots has changed in the metropolis: the cars are a little faster, the tone became a bit rougher. But under the the new facade is still stuck the infamous New York City in the 1970s.

Criminal means to be now mainly wealth and recognition. Only someone who is organized, it can lead to something. Only he who is ruthless and relentless, has a chance to survive in the urban jungle.

TK also has to realize that the funky life has its drawbacks. He promptly lands for 28 years in prison. But he uses the time. He grows up, he swears revenge on those who put him in jail. 2006 for him will be the year of satisfaction. Note:the stick up in Coney Island is not on the island.When you go from La Guarda on the first turn right after the airport entaranse go in the alley the stick up is located at the end of that alley and the car is BX-9

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are gone in 2006, having been destroyed five years prior.