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That Lamborghini Guy That Lamborghini Guy 4 April 2016

Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki

Hello! Fan of the Driver franchise? Particularly interested in Driver: Parallel Lines? Well we have the Wiki just for you!

After what can be called a recent deterioration of the Driver Wiki, this wiki dedicated to one of the most popular but often under-estimated games of the franchise was created. The Wiki has recently gained my contributions as my main focus - that being completely revamping the site with images and content. I have recently begun adding images and content and have raised my edit count on the site, from 200 to 700, in less than 10 days.

Advantages of the new, separated wiki?

  1. Fresh, new layout with cleaner sense of organsation and presentation.
  2. 100% factual information with references and sources.
  3. Larger amount of higher resolution …
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Fireboyd78 Fireboyd78 28 April 2013

The Hitlist Now Public

Feel free to edit The Hitlist as seen fit. Only registered users (no new/unregistered users) may edit the page. Thanks for everyone's continued efforts to make Driver Wiki amazing!

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Lance1938 Lance1938 27 April 2013

Information needed - Driver: San Francisco's story missions

Editors and contributors, it's time for us to create an infobox and info regarding all the story missions of Driver: San Francisco. 

We need the following:

  1. An infobox for a story mission
  2. Information - plot, walkthrough - of all the story missions of Driver: San Francisco.

The mission Prove It is already made, but it still needs cleanup and an infobox.

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Marco A Marco A 10 October 2011


Hello everyone. I managed to extract high-quality images "Driver: San Francisco". If you need any picture, only you must contact me. P.S. (I need traductor, don´t speak english well)

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Fireboyd78 Fireboyd78 12 August 2010

Official Driver Wiki now open!

Well, I talked to the Wikia staff, and they have kindly opened up the address for us, reason being it belonged to some trucker website that was last updated 3 years ago...I asked for an appeal, LOL.

I have set up the basis in which Driver Wiki will run. I have already started with over 45 pages that will be filled up in the near future. I will post some guidelines in the future that refer to how Driver Wiki will work, what the format will be, and whether or not it's worth being in an article. This is THE official Driver Wiki, and hopefully we will garner more followers as we will have one huge wiki dedicated to Driver!

Let's hope for the best!

-Dr. Doom A.K.A. CarLuver69

P.S. Theme coming soon

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