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The Buick Skylark is a Coupe style car that appears in Driver. It is the default car of Miami


It is blue and also has the same color glasses. In the PC version the headlights are oval instead in the PlayStation version the headlights ahead are rounded and the other two are square. Also the rear lights are different. In the PC version they are very similar to those of the Buick GSX and in the PlayStation version they are 4 and are circular. Another difference is that in the PC version it is more elongated and that the glasses are not the same color as the car.


  • Probably it can be considered as the most common car in the game because apart from being the default car of Miami and performing in most of the missions this is used in the Parking and in the desert, something that does not happen with others cars.
  • The secret car from Chicago bears a similar shape and similar overall dimensions to the Skylark.
  • In the iOS version of Driver changes the front and rear
  • The rear lights of the PlayStation version are from a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle
  • It's a 1972 Buick Skylark
  • It has a likeness to the Brubeck Vespid HMi from Watch Dogs 1 and 2.