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The Dodge Ram is a pick-up truck that appears in Driver, Driver 2 and Driver: San Francisco. In Driver it is the only one of this type that John Tanner can use. In Driver 2 he can use it in the last city of the game, Rio de Janeiro, and in Driver: San Francisco he find and shift into it throughout the city of San Francisco.


Driver: In Driver it is a gray Pick-Up and a little light blue. In this game is a 1981 Dodge Ram double cab and appears in a single mission. As additional data accelerates to 90 mph

In the Pickup[]

It is the only Driver mission in which it appears. The player will have to take some explosives from the shelter (the same one where you were on the Weapons In The Trunk mission) to an alley. You must be careful with the box in case you drive too hard or roughly you will break the box until it explodes

Trivia []

  • It is the newest vehicle in Driver
  • The beta version of Driver the front of the truck was very similar to Driver 2
  • The side windows of the Driver version are white and you can see a reflection of the other side of the truck
  • Together with the Chevrolet Nova they are the only vehicles with the highest suspension
  • In the PSX version it has only one cabin

Gallery []

Driver 2[]

It is now a more modern Dodge Ram of 1986. Also of course in this game it has several more colors.



Driver: San Francisco[]

There are two variants, the "small" 2006 Dodge Ram SRT-10 and the Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty. While being Dodge vehicles, in-game they are manufactured by RAM.

A black Dodge Ram SRT-10 is used by Charles Jericho; this vehicle is encountered sereval times during the final parts of the storyline.


  • The SRT-10 of Driver San Fransisco has 500 horsepower, weighs 5000 lbs(2268 kg) and reaches 150 Mph (240 km / h)
  • The Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty has 325 horsepower, weighs 7442 lbs (3376 kg) and reaches 109 Mph (175 km / h)