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Driver: Speedboat Paradise
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Series Driver
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release date Android: 2014

iOS: 2014

Genre(s) Racing
Rating(s) Google: Everyone

Driver: Speedboat Paradise is a free-to-play smartphone game released on iOS and Android on December 2014. It is unknown when the app was removed but it was possibly removed late 2016.


Unlike other games, the game focuses on speedboat races. The game also makes use of in-app purchases. In the game, you can race against other speedboats, customize and upgrade your speedboat and "bring down the speedboat mafia".


Publisher's Summary[]

"Embody a young, reckless driver trying to make it big in the ruthless world of speedboat racing. Race around exotic locations, feel the high-speed racing thrill and become the best pilot on the waves! Impose your style! Customize and upgrade your boat to be the hottest driver on land! Beware though, your quest for fame and fortune might take an unexpected turn: meet the legendary cop John Tanner and help him bring down the speedboat mafia!"



  • The Player: The main protagonist of the game.
  • Chris: The Mechanic in charge of the boats.
  • John Tanner: This time around a supporting character, he gives the player advice before races.


  • This is the only game in the Driver series where Tanner appears but is not the protagonist.
  • Driver Speedboat Paradise is the only Driver game that features a speedboat as a drivable vehicle.
  • This game seems to be hated by fans for a couple of reasons:
    • This game is the only game in the Driver series to have microtransactions (in-app purchases) although they're not mandatory to progress through the game.
    • The game was probably removed due to lack of people buying the in-app purchases.
    • This game strays pretty far from the original Driver games, which was met with outrage by most fans. While the console Driver spinoffs feature an altered background of Tanner, this one is completely irrelevant to both the main games and the spinoffs.
    • This is also the only game which is not part of the open world genre.
    • In fact, this is the only 'Driver' game available for mobile devices (not counting the iOS port of the first Driver game).



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