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Fabienne is a character who appears in Driv3r. She is voiced by Sirine Saba.


Fabienne is the leader of a repo gang based in Nice, France. Like South Beach (led by Calita), Fabienne’s gang specializes in stealing high performance cars. During one cutscene, it is implied that her father was the gang’s former leader before his death.


During South Beach’s first day in Nice, after moving their operations there, Calita is attacked by members of Fabienne’s gang while waiting for John Tanner to meet up with her. She is rescued by Tanner and Bad Hand.

Later, Fabienne’s gang arranges collection of a car that Calita wants. Calita sends Tanner to steal the car.

With competition rising between South Beach and Fabienne’s gang, South Beach decide to buy weaponry from Zeego, a local arms dealer. However, Fabienne kills Zeego and orders her men to guard Zeego’s store. Tanner shoots past Fabienne’s men and manages to escape with the hardware.

Fabienne then attempts to kill Tanner and Lomaz by rigging their car with a bomb set to explode if the car’s speed drops below a certain point. Lomaz is rescued, and Tanner manages to get rid of the booby-trapped car by driving it into one of Fabienne’s trailers and jumping out before impact.

Calita later attempts to steal a car from Fabienne’s compound, but is ambushed by Fabienne’s gang, with Fabienne herself among them. After Calita is rescued by Tanner and Lomaz, Fabienne attempts to escape in a car. Tanner chases her and eventually kills her.