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Hotrod is a rare vehicle in Driver: Parallel Lines during the 2006 era. It is also featured in Driver 76.

Hotrod is based on a 1933 Ford V8 & 1952 Rolls Royce Phantom IV.


Maximum Speed : 197 KM / H

Acceleration : 9 Seconds

The fastest car in Driver: Parallel Lines.


  • Driver: Parallel Lines - Either get 1st place at "Driver GP Long Island" (2006) or collect all 100 Stars (50 in 1978, 50 in 2006).
  • Driver 76 - Complete every single side mission, including the Driver GP in both Manhattan & Long Island.


  • Interestingly enough, the Hotrod features 2 different horns. In Driver: Parallel Lines, it had the same horn as the Colonna, Zenda and other cars with that horn, while in Driver 76, it had a truck horn used on cars such as the Wayfarer & the Andec.