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This is a main cities page for Las Vegas. It has been featured more than once throughout the Driver series.

Las Vegas is a city in Nevada. The city has been featured twice in the Driver series. It was first featured in the game Driver 2 and as the main setting in the spin-off, Driver: Vegas.

Driver 2[]

Las Vegas is the third city the player visits in Driver 2. When Lenny arrives in Vegas, he is greeted by Vazquez, who is overseeing the arms shipments and is taking over Lenny's contacts after Lenny's failure in Havana. Tanner, Jones and Jericho arrive in Vegas and meet Caine. Tanner infiltrates Caine's gang by telling Caine that Jones and him once worked for Lenny but were betrayed and want revenge. Caine assigns Jones to track down Lenny while Tanner will use his driving skills to assist Caine's Vegas operations.

Tanner completes the tasks given to him by Caine, including delivering a car bomb to Vasquez's casino in Vegas and assisting Caine's henchmen in a bank robbery. Jones, infiltrating Vasquez's mob, discovered that Lenny has left Vegas and Tanner had to transport him to the airport (after shaking off a police ambush and subsequent chase). Caine then had Tanner disrupt Vasquez's operations by destroying his main front in North Vegas, and destroyed the trucks containing Vasquez's weapons. Caine and his henchman brutally interrogates one of the Brazilian guards and learn that Vasquez (and Lenny) are in Rio.

Driver: Vegas[]

Las Vegas was also used as the main setting for the mobile phone spin-off, Driver: Vegas. The game takes place after the events of Driv3r in which Tanner heads to Vegas in order to exact his revenge on Jericho (the events are non-canon to the series.)