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Lomaz is a supporting character in Driv3r.


Lomaz is working alongside Calita in the Miami-based car theft ring called "South Beach". It's been told that Calita has killed all the members of her gang once with Lomaz being the only survivor. Lomaz is the guy who test's Tanner's driving skills and quickly accepts him. He is later seen in the game working alongside Calita, Bad Hand and Tanner until they sucpicion Tanner of being an undercover cop. Lomaz and Bad Hand proceed to beat up Tanner and tell him to shoot a captured agent, Dubois. Tanner does so and is surprized when he finds out the gun was empty. Then in Istanbul, Lomaz owns a nightclub and he goes with Jericho to a meeting in an abandoned construction site until they run away when one of the many men spot Tanner. Tanner with Jones then visit Lomaz in his nightclub's room and as he was about to shoot Tanner, Tanner grabs his arm and punches him, falling to the ground. Then both Jones and Tanner beat up Lomaz and throw him on one of his TV screens, breaking it. When Lomaz realises that Tanner and Jones only want Jericho, he reveals the location of the money bag exchange. He is never seen after that.


  • The only time he is seen without his hat is in the PC exclusive mission The Hit. This reveals that he is bald.
  • Lomaz shows a noticeable fear towards Jericho when he speaks with Calita during Surveilance, calling him an "unpredictable man" and mentions the killing of Caine in an elevator which was caused by Jericho. He is scared when he eventually sees Jericho stepping in, with him telling ironically "Don't worry. I'll take the stairs."