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Vehicle Style

Sports/ Sports Classic Car


2 (1 driver and 1 passenger)

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San Marino

The Melizzano is a sports car that appears in Driver: Parallel Lines. It appears in the 1976 era but is extremely rare. It may also appear in 2006 if you are driving one.


It is heavily based off of the 1967 Lamborghini Miura P400. Featuring a typical Lamborghini shape.


Like typical sports car in-game, it has good top speed and acceleration, but the car is a bit nimble to handle. Performance wise, it is fast with good acceleration but only average handling, and low durability. A stock Melizzano has a top speed of 123 in game. When fully modified, the Melizzano can reach a top speed of 130 and a mighty 140 if you use turbo injection.


  • This car is the rarest car to be found in the 1978 era, (this car is actually really common in Queens, just look around in the area near the "S" in Queens on the map) and the second rarest car in-game (the rarest in game is Zenda). However, you can find it around Coney Island in Brooklyn and upper New Jersey.
  • After beating one of the hard level races in the 1976 era, the racing version of the Melizzano is unlocked, this car has even less durability, and doesn't even have any speed advantages over the normal Melizzano. though it seems to accelerate faster.


  • The car's engine sound has the Lexus IS300, Nissan 350Z and Toyota Supra engine sound from the 2nd generation of Need for Speed Series.