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Ordell Williams
Ordell Williams in Driver San Francisco
Residence San Francisco, California USA
Appearances Driver: San Francisco

Ordell Williams is a minor character from Driver: San Francisco. He is a small-time crook working for Jericho's crew and looking to rise up through the ranks. John Tanner uses Ordell as a disguise by shifting into him.


Ordell and Darius

Ordell is a small-time crook working with Jericho's organization alongside his friend, Darius Spencer. Ordell is looking to work his way up through the ranks of Jericho's crew. They are first seen trying to get to a meeting with a man named Jimmy. Tanner shifted into him at this point to help him.

Tanner then used Ordell as a disguise so he can rise up in the ranks of Jericho's crew and gather information on Jericho's cyanide-gas bomb plot. He took control of Ordell when helped an unknown criminal escape police. He then gained the trust Leila Sharan in a test.

Ordell was then supposed to assist Leila in assassinating Tanner. Leila actually knew that Tanner could control Ordell. After Tanner's cover was blown, he left Ordell's body and he was never heard from again. It is unknown if he is still alive or not.

Mission Appearances[]

Driver: San Francisco


  • In the mission, "Meet the Heat", Tanner (as Darius) can say to Ordell, "I'm sorry, that was my bad. -er". It sounds as if something was cut-off or possibly censored at this point. Ordell responds by saying, "If you EVER call me that again I will cut your balls off!". The subtitles claim he calls him "Hors d'oeuvre".
  • Ordell can be seen in the last mission of the game, "Deja Vu".