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The jackass tags a cop

"Prove it. But if I'm less than one hundred percent convinced, I'm checking you in."

- Jones to Tanner

Prove It is the first mission in Driver: San Francisco. It is part of Chapter 1: With Great Power.


Main Objective: Prove to Jones you can shift

Vehicle: Dodge Challenger R/T

Jackass' Vehicle: Pontiac Solstice GXP


Tanner speaks to Jones about his ability to shift. But Jones doesn't believe him, so he drives. While driving, he spots a jackass driver. To prove Jones that he can shift, he shifts into the jackass's car and performs maneuvers.


Tanner must shift into the jackass, marked on the map. First he needs to jump to a vehicle transporter. However, Jones still doesn't believe in him. Next, he needs to shift back and tag a police car, marked on the map. Then he needs to lose the cops. Still, Jones still remains skeptical. Now he needs to shift back and hook the jackass to a tow truck (marked on the map). 



Tanner: Let's grab a cup of coffee. There's something I need to talk to you about.

Jones: You're not pregnant again, are you?

Tanner: Honestly, this thing I got going on... it makes about as much sense.

Movie Conversations[]

Tanner: First time it happened... I was, like, floating above it all.

Jones: Mm-hmm. Your standard near-death experience, huh.

Tanner: Yeah, right. The next time it happened... I could sort of... pick a body... and, wham! I'm inside them! Like... it's like I'm driving as usual, but I look in the rear-view mirror, and I see this strange chick looking back at me, and I realize: I'm in the body of a girl!

Jones: Man, finish your damn doughnut, then I'm takin' you to a shrink.

Tanner: I'm serious. This is real. This is happening to me.

Jones: Prove it. But if I'm less than one hundred percent convinced. I'm checking you in.

Tanner: Done.

Jones: Done.

After looking to the jackass...

Jones: Whoa, man! Check out that jackass!


  1. Shift into the jackass L SHIFT (Jackass marked as yellow triangle in the mini-map)
  2. Jump off a car transporter (Transporters marked as 🌕 in the mini-map)
  3. Shift into the jackass L SHIFT
  4. Tag a cop (Cops marked as 🔴 in the mini-map)
  5. Lose the cops
  6. Shift into the jackass LSHIFT
  7. Hook up to a tow truck (Tow trucks marked as 🌕 in the mini-map)