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This is a main cities page for San Francisco. It has been featured more than once throughout the Driver series.

San Francisco is a major city in California. It has been featured twice in the Driver series. It has been featured in two main entries the series and one spinoff.



Games featuring San Francisco ( including fictional representations )[]

GTA : San Andreas

Driver: San Francisco
Driver: you are the wheelman

Driver: You Are the Wheelman[]

The city of San Francisco was first featured in Driver. It is the second city the player visits in the game.

The game did not feature curved roads due to the limitations of the PlayStation hardware. There was also only a very small section of Marin County available to drive in. The city also featured trolly cars.

(This city was not featured in the GameBoy Color port along with Los Angeles)

Driver: San Francisco[]

Map of San Francisco in DSF.

The city was again featured in Driver San Francisco. It featured 208 miles (335 kilometers) of roads (and curved roads) making it one of the largest driving environments in gaming.

Unlike the original game, Driver: San Francisco did not feature trolleys due to the limitations of the hardware in order for the game to run at 60 fps. The game also featured parts of Marin County and Alameda County.

Wii version[]

Map of San Francisco in the Wii port.

The Wii version of Driver: San Francisco was not as expansive as the HD counterpart. It featured only the main area of San Francisco; access to the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges are blocked. The city was also smaller but more fictionalized.

Unlike its HD counterpart, the Wii version of Driver: San Francisco features the trolly system and some access to parks. The port also features a small area of Alcatraz Island the player can explore and play races on. It is accessible only after beating the game.