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Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen in Driver San Francisco
Residence San Francisco, California USA
Appearances Driver: San Francisco

Sarah Allen is a minor character from Driver: San Francisco. She is a chemist who was kidnapped by Jericho's crew, who had the intent to make her help make a cyanide-gas bomb. However, through Tanner's ability to shift, she is rescued by him and Tobias Jones.


Allen is a chemist. Due to being one, she is kidnapped by a middle-eastern woman, who is later revealed to be Leila Sharan. In the trunk of the car she was kidnapped in, she managed to reach for her cellphone, and call the police. Tanner and Jones took this call, and Tanner shifted into her to find her location. Upon eventually finding her, the car she was kidnapped in was chased and taken down, where she is then rescued.

Mission Appearences[]