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The Target is a mission in Driver: San Francisco. It is the final Tanner Mission of Chapter 6.


Type: Tanner

Main Objective: Complete Ordell's Big Assignment



Tanner gets called from dispatch letting him know that Ordell is moving. Tanner realizes that Ordell must have new orders. Tanner tells Jones to set up a police ambush and that Tanner will get info about Jericho and then drive them both into custody.

Tanner then posseses Ordell's body and Lelia says that there is a target they need to take out. Tanner then drives to the target's location before realizing that he is the target. 

Lelia tells Tanner to stay close until the right moment to take the target out. Tanner then has to remotely control his car and lead Ordell and Lelia to the ambush.