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Timmy Vermicelli is the most notorious and dangerous NPC in Driver. Killing 10 of them on each city, rewards you a bonus. He is a parody of the protagonist from the popular videogame Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Tommy Vercetti. His outfit and looks are similar to Tommy except he has water wings on his arms. This is a joke pointing at the fact that players couldn't swim in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Police officers opening fire on Timmy Vermicelli in distance.

Just like the other criminals in Driv3r, he will shoot you if he sees you or if you are too close to him. He will not walk around the map as he will stay at his spot until he spots the player, attacking him with his assault rifle. On few spots of each map, Timmy Vermicelli may leave his spot and follow the player if they are too close to him. However, on some spots of each map, Timmy Vermicelli may not leave his spot at all.

Timmy Vermicelli will also attack Police. Police officers are always short-lived and will be quickly killed to Timmy. Police can manage to kill Timmy only if several police cars have been dispatched on him and/or police officers being armed with shotguns which can kill Timmy in few shots.

Strangely enough, Timmy Vermicelli will sometimes shoot and kill other criminals.