[Driver-Parallel Lines](4 Door Sedan-1978 Era)Zartex


Driver: Parallel Lines


The Zartex is a Police Car featured in Driver Parallel Lines, and is based off a 1977 Dodge Diplomat.

The Zartex has a very similar livery to the NYPD's 1970s one, except with a generic star badge instead of the NYPD patch. The colors can be changed to patterns in Ray Autos. It features a very squared-look, and has a upside down trapezium for the grill. Its rear fascia features 2 sets of brake lights, and small indicators on the outside of the brake lights

The police lights are a replica of them featured on the Dodge Diplomat Police Car, and can be shot out by a gun, making them slightly dimmer. The siren is very high pitched, and has only one style, the iconic loop. When heavily damaged, the sirens will cut out, making a cartoons style cut out, used in films.

Handling Edit

Top Speed : 164 KM / H

Acceleration : 12 Seconds

Handling : Stiff suspension, fast corner turns.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, in the beta version, the Zartex would have had the police lights from the M700 & the SWAT Van.
  • The Police stickers are rarely printed backwards when driving out of Rays Autos.
  • It bears resemblance to the Police Prowler


  • Driving everywhere in 1978 Era.
  • Usually spawns in front of the player when in a police chase.

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